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Founder & Director

Kelly Wilt

Kelly began organizing what would eventually become in Soulshine in 2017, with an open mind and a deep commitment to rethinking the ways we support and center those who have experienced sexual violence. A writer, social scientist, and holistic healing practitioner, Kelly has worked closely with individuals and communities across the United States and abroad to build strong practices for healing and wellness. Bringing over a decade of experience in social change and healing and trauma work, Kelly has worked to strengthen supports available to those who have been impacted by sexual trauma and to spark meaningful action in communities.
Moved by her experiences with survivors, her own survivorship, and the challenges she has witnessed as survivors try to access the support they need, Kelly works to center the voices of survivors to advocate for meaningful change in how communities and systems understand survivors' needs.
Kelly has worked with colleges and universities, community-based advocacy organizations, national resource centers [such as the National Sexual Violence Resource Center,  the Resource Sharing Project, the Minnesota Indian Women's Sexual Assault Coalition, and the National Organization of Asians & Pacific Islanders Ending Sexual Violence] and private organizations and practitioners. Through these collaborations she's worked to bring creative strategies to support thriving individuals and communities. With a strong background in community building and healing work,  Kelly has led high-profile national projects, written numerous publications for healing practitioners, and has spoken on related topics around the globe. Her formal education includes a master's degree from Prescott College in Counseling Psychology and a bachelor's degree from Penn State University in Women's Studies and International Politics. She has received certification in sexual assault and domestic violence advocacy in the state of Pennsylvania and attends regular continuing education courses at Southwestern College, AASECT, NSAC, and beyond. Her continued work with mentors, colleagues, and community members, is perhaps the greatest teacher and continues to shape her knowledge and capacity to contribute to this work in meaningful ways.
Interested in the intersections of individual well-being and community support—food, movement, and mental health—creative expression, activism, and healing—and methods for building sustainable community-based initiatives, Kelly thrives working with topics that are often overlapping and nuanced. Committed to meaning-making, intentional living, and supporting others in living their truths, Kelly works to inspire people to live authentically and practice compassion toward themselves and others. Through curiosity, continued learning, and vulnerability, she challenges herself to do the same.