Our Mission


Connecting, centering, and empowering survivors of sexual violence to be leading voices on healing and social change.


Our Mission

For survivors and led by survivors, we elevate the voices of those who have experienced sexual violence to create lasting change in how healing is understood and how efforts to support survivors are developed and prioritized. Rooted in a commitment to healing justice, we offer compassionate community, mentorship, opportunities for transformative education, and a platform to shape the future of healing and social change.

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The Opportunity

A community that supports survivors is one that centers their voices and listens as they share what they need to heal.




the impact of sexual trauma

Survivors of sexual violence face lasting impacts to their physical, emotional, psychological, sexual, and spiritual health. With shame, self-blame, and lack of connectedness as prominent experiences of survivors, many feel alone and struggle to find hope. 



recognizing unmet needs

Over eighty percent of survivors never formally report their assault(s), often out of fear of not being believed or experiencing repercussions for sharing their stories. While many national efforts have emerged in the last decade to improve systems-based responses to survivors, the most significant unmet need survivors voice is wanting to experience community support and to know that they can talk about their experiences and be met with compassion and understanding.



A new vision for healing

Strong factors supportive of healing are often tied to access to supportive resources, feeling believed, and regaining a sense of trust in oneself and the world. Connection and supportive relationships are prominent precursors to healing and wellness.




Our Programs

We are rewriting the roadmap for healing and change. Through opportunities to reconnect with our bodies and ourselves, build and nurture community, and give voice to the unique and distinct ways we approach our healing journeys, we are expanding the way our culture understands healing and justice.


Listening circles

We listen to survivors' stories--the struggles, triumphs, and all that sits in-between-- to honor the wisdom of each survivor and to learn what has been helpful and what has been a barrier in their healing process. These circles allow for survivors to hear from each other. They also provide insight to inform coordinated efforts to support survivors' healing in the future. 


building community

We build and nurture our community through opportunities to connect virtually and in-person. Shared opportunities that support healing such as workshops, retreats, and collaborative projects foster meaningful connection and growth. 

Raising Survivor Voices

We elevate the voices of survivors to end the silence associated with sexual violence and to center the voices of survivors in healing and prevention work. Through providing structured and organic outlets such as writing, the creative arts, activism, and a national network and platform, we raise the voices of survivors.



connection with resources

We share, explore, and elevate resources and services that support the holistic care and wellbeing of survivors. We recognize the impact of sexual violence on survivors' whole beings, and to that end, prioritize approaches to healing that support physical, emotional, psychological, sexual, and spiritual healing. 


Every moment is an organizing opportunity, every person a potential activist, every minute a chance to change the world.

Dolores Huerta


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